God Remembered you

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Alexis Blackwell

This past Sunday in church, we started a new lesson called “But, God…”

The sermon was so beautiful and empowering I have to share it with you.  (Most of the ideas in this blog is from my pastor)

But / conjunction / (but):

Used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned.

Nevertheless; however;

On the contrary; in contrast.

We pretty much know the story of Noah, right?  The world was full of sin.  When God looked down on the earth he created, he looked in the people’s hearts and minds and saw that they were completely evil.  There was no good left in them.  He was sorry he ever made them and put them on the earth (Genesis 6: 5-7).  It broke his heart.  The sin was so deep that God decide to wipe out the human race and every living thing.  In these few verses it…

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