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Jeremiah 17:7 states "Blessed [with spiritual security] is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord" I read this verse tonight and I couldn't help but feel sad and disappointed. Not in the Lord, or anyone else, but really myself. I have... Continue Reading →

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It should have never happened

It's been a while since I wrote on this blog, almost two years. Crazy how time flies. Its crazy how I thought I had healed from the trauma I experienced as a child, how I thought I was a stronger human being but here I am, back to being the same sad, codependent little girl... Continue Reading →

I am addicted

I feel like I’m addicted to hurting I cant tell you why They say you except the love you think you deserve Well I must deserve a whole lot of pain I know god’s still working Even when I don’t see or feel him But what if it doesn’t matter to me What if I... Continue Reading →

Looking into the mirror

They said finding yourself would be as easy as looking into a mirror and accepting what you see. I did what was told and big surprise; I didn’t like what I saw. I saw someone desperate. Someone who craved love and acceptance so much and felt if she didn’t get it, her whole life meant... Continue Reading →


Love this so much

Your Scars are my Scars

Every motivational quote or pin on Pinterest seems to say the same thing. “Your brokenness is beautiful.” Honestly this irks me, and I beg to differ. Brokenness is not beautiful. Its messy and complicated, and to be quite frank it sucks. Anxiety is not beautiful, depression is not beautiful, and abuse is not beautiful. All of these things are messy and complicated. This world is full of pain, and everyone has their share of problems. When we are going through these things it is hard for us to see how all our pain could be beautiful. One quote that really irks me is “she made broken look beautiful.” When I first saw this quote I kind of liked it. However as I truly sat and thought about it I became a little perturbed. As I thought back on my life I didn’t see beauty in the brokenness. I saw a Daddy’s…

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God Remembered you

Great Read

Alexis Blackwell

This past Sunday in church, we started a new lesson called “But, God…”

The sermon was so beautiful and empowering I have to share it with you.  (Most of the ideas in this blog is from my pastor)

But / conjunction / (but):

Used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned.

Nevertheless; however;

On the contrary; in contrast.

We pretty much know the story of Noah, right?  The world was full of sin.  When God looked down on the earth he created, he looked in the people’s hearts and minds and saw that they were completely evil.  There was no good left in them.  He was sorry he ever made them and put them on the earth (Genesis 6: 5-7).  It broke his heart.  The sin was so deep that God decide to wipe out the human race and every living thing.  In these few verses it…

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what is my future

I don't know where I am supposed to be right now. By that I mean, I feel lost. I feel as if my life is heading nowhere and I know what the Bible states; that we should not be anxious about our future, especially if we fully rely on Christ. I remember in high school... Continue Reading →

this can’t be my story

About a week or two ago I received a random call from someone I didn't expect. The conversation was about healing and finally moving on from the pain that follows when sexually abused as a child. I was told that I was brave for writing my feelings and sharing my story and that it was... Continue Reading →

i can’t be a victim

Look at her radiant smile. Hear her laugh, so sweet, so lighthearted. But look at her eyes, so sad, so somber. Can you tell how broken she is? Sometimes I lay here in bed for hours wondering why God allowed me to live the life I've lived. Wondering if I would be any different today... Continue Reading →

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